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Imagine a cloud-based platform

where the whole supply chain works together.

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ChronosCloud gathers information

from every supply chain interaction…

Factory Node Transit Hub DC Transit Ship Customer Train Air


organizes it into a single timeline

Line Factory Outbound Transit DC Inbound DC Outbound Transit Customer
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Connect and Share Photos and Documents

with people in your supply chain.




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Analyze and act on information as it happens.

Get—and share—live updates

from all your supply chain partners.

Track the whole life story

of your sales order.

Optimize your supply chain

with end-to-end data.

Make Smarter

multi view decisions.

Keep your customers happy

and your quality in control.

Gain velocity

Accelerate your supply chain
using advanced analytics.

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The platform where your whole
supply chain works together.

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Why ChronosCloud

More than a tool or a single application, ChronosCloud provides an end-to-end platform for multi-party supply chains. Across companies and across time zones.

Supply Chain

ChronosCloud gathers information from end-to-end of the supply chain— suppliers, factories, transportation partners, distribution centers and the final-mile delivery. The ChronosCloud platform captures ERP feeds, B2B messaging, RFID sensing, updates at handoff points—even uploaded documents and photos. In the cloud, data is standardized and assembled into a single timeline for each order.

A Platform of Possibilities

End-to-end integration makes ChronosCloud a platform for supply chain success and collaboration.

Get—and share—live updates from all your supply chain partners.

Track the whole life story of your sales order.

Optimize your supply chain with end-to-end data.

Make smarter multi view decisions.

Keep your customers happy and your quality in control.

Gain velocity: Accelerate your supply chain using advanced analytics.

Communicate and Collaborate. From suppliers, to factories, distribution centers, transportation partners—and all the way to the end customer.


Whether you’re in the office or on the go, ChronosCloud has a product to help you update and understand your supply chain.

ChronosCloud Online

Bring your whole supply chain together, right on your desktop. Our enterprise cloud solution gives you powerful analytical tools and the ability to collaborate with supply chain partners and customers in real time.

ChronosCloud Web

ChronosCloud Mobile

ChronosCloud Mobile

Put the power of your supply chain in your pocket. Now, the answer to any order question is as close as your smartphone.


Our exclusive iOS and Android collaboration app: ChronosTouch® leverages existing eyes and ears on the dock and at every handoff. Now, every partner can report their physical interactions with your orders as they occur. Upload photos and shipping documents, annotate handoffs and more.

ChronosCloud Touch


For every enterprise that’s struggled to capture data from its mobile workforce and edge transactions, there’s ChronosEdge. This app leverages the power of mobile devices to gather key information from the field. As part of the ChronosCloud platform, it integrates this information into an end-to-end view of operations and the supply chain.

With ChronosCloud ®, supply chain answers are always at hand.

About Us

Who We Are

We’re a team of supply chain and software executives, and we are proven-successful entrepreneurs.

Software development geeks and big data analysts with the tools and insight to make sense of large, complex, multi-party interactions. Dreamers who realize that the information needed to change the supply chain universe already exists, if we can just harness and organize it. We’re not afraid to take on the biggest challenges in business, but we always look to solve them in the simplest, most elegant way.

We’re building a platform for supply chain productivity, a place where entire communities of suppliers, factories, distribution centers, logistics providers and transportation providers can work together for the benefit of the end customer.


Meet Our Team

David Morgan

David W. Morgan

ChronosCloud’s founder and leader, David has deep logistics and entrepreneurial experience. He built a global transportation and logistics provider from the ground up. Along the way, he realized that all his pickup, delivery and warehouse activity added up to a powerful picture of his clients’ supply chains. With the advent of mobile technology and cloud computing, he’s bringing that vision of a multi-party, collaborative supply chain platform to the world.

John Hoyt

John Hoyt

John knows logistics after more than 30 years walking the docks and optimizing supply chains for DHL, Kintetsu Worldwide Express and D.W. Morgan Company. Now, John is applying that expertise to software as a service, overseeing all aspects of product development and research. John also consults with clients on their specific supply chain needs and is engaged in business development.

Grant Opperman

Grant Opperman

Grant helped design the strategy at D.W. Morgan Company that created a unique industry niche and rapid growth worldwide. With his leadership, Morgan’s development team created an early mobile supply chain app that was featured by Apple as an example of mobile innovation. At ChronosCloud, he plays a similar strategic and marketing role, and he participates in the group’s sales and development efforts.

Eric Sprague

Eric Sprague

For Eric, finance is a source of innovation and competitive advantage. He has introduced innovative logistics financing and operational models at D.W. Morgan Company and has developed the financial strategies and structures to optimize global operations. Eric also has experience marketing and securing venture funding, structuring acquisitions and exits. He leads ChronosCloud’s finance, compliance and business operations.

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